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Fisheries Management and Ecology

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Georgia

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Research Topics

My research is broadly focused on applied ecology embedded within a framework of answering theoretical questions to better understand and manage aquatic ecosystems. My general research interests are centered on the context of describing how the environment influences fish population dynamics and how that information can be used to better manage our natural resources.

Current Projects

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Assessment of a reintroduced lake sturgeon population in the Coosa River, Georgia

Lake sturgeon were extirpated from the Coosa River system by the late 1970s. After fishing closures and improvements in water quality, a restoration program was developed in the early 2000s to bring back the lake sturgeon to NW Georgia. Nearly annual stockings have occurred since the reintroduction, but little is known about the status of this population. Our research aims to fill critical knowledge gaps for Lake Sturgeon population demographics and dynamics in the Coosa River, Georgia. Our approach will provide estimates of the total population size, annual survival rates, information on population dynamics, habitat use, and movement. This information will be important for increased effectiveness of management activities for this species in the Coosa River system and throughout the Southeastern United States where Lake Sturgeon reintroduction efforts have occurred.

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